Apprenticeship Training Scheme ( A.T.S. )




After the World war due to rapid growth in industry and adoption of sophisticated production technique craftsmen training scheme was found to be inadequate .To meet the demand of industry active participation of Industry was must. So the Apprenticeship Training Scheme came in existence. hence bringing the above training scheme under the purview of law was inevitable and the result was Apprentices Act, 1961.

 The apprenticeship training is imparted under the Apprentices Act, 1961 in industrial establishments to school leavers and ITI graduates with the objective to prepare skilled workers for the industry.  The educational qualification varies from class VIII pass to Class XII pass depending upon the trades. The duration of training varies from one year to four years. All India Trade Tests for apprentices are conducted under the aegis of NCVT.  Successful apprentices are awarded National Apprenticeship Certificate, which is a recognized qualification for recruitment to the shop floor level subordinate technical posts within the country as well as abroad.  




1. By Whom?-

                    Survey is to be conducted by the Asst. Apprenticeship Advisors (Jr.)

2. On what basis?-

                        It will be conducted on the basis of the date / information regarding trade wise  manpower except supervisory & unskilled personnel)

3. What to survey?-

                         The AAA visits the establishments and ascertains the (i) Trade wise no. of semi skilled & skilled workmen in relation to NCO i.e. National Classification of Occupation.(ii)Skill coverage in relation to prescribed syllabi, (iii) Basic training facility, (iv)Other facilities on the spot.

4. What next?-

                         On the basis of the findings of the survey conducted on the spot the surveyor submits a report regarding the availability of training facilities and feasibility of engagement of Apprentices along with his recommendations to the Appreticeship Advisor for his consideration.

5.After that?-

                      After consideration , If the App. Adviser is satisfied with the existing training facilities , he issues S/Notice to the employer asking him to engage the specific no. of apprentices in the specific trades .



1.By Whom?-

                        Selection for engagement as well as the engagement of apprentices is the responsibility of the employer.

2. Whom to engage?-

                        Any Indian citizen (a) who is not less than 14 years of age, (b) who satisfies the prescribed standard of education,(c)who satisfies the prescribed standard of physical fitness,(d) who or whose guardian in case of minor has entered into a contract of apprenticeship with the employer.

3. Any Reservation ?-

                        Yes , Such no. of training places shall be reserved by the employer for SC/ST/OBC as prescribed for different states. For Rajasthan it comes as 16% for SC , 12% for ST , 21% for OBC. In case of non availability of either , the training places reserved may be filled by any person .

4. Period of training?-

It varies from trade to trade . A person will get the full rebate in apprenceship training for the whole period he has undergone institutional training recognized by NCVT. For example the training period of apprenticeship training for Electrician trade is 3 years. If a person who has completed 2 years training in Electrician trade approved by NCVT from any  ITI will have to undergo apprenticeship training for the remaining period i.e. One year only. He will also draw the stipend as applicable for III year apprentice , i.e. 1440/- per Month.




    1.By whom to execute ?-

                  The Apprenticeship contract should be executed between the (i) employer and (ii) the apprentice or his guardian (in case of minor apprentice)

2. When to execute ?-

                   The App. Contract should be executed on or before the date of commencement of commencement of Apprenticeship training .

3. How many copies ?-

                         The App. Contract should be executed in Triplicate one each for both the parties to the contract and the third copy for Apprenticeship Advisor.

    4. When & to whom to submit for registration?-

                  It is to be submitted to the concerned Apprenticeship Advisor within the 3 months of date of execution of contract. In case of  Rajasthan it is to be submitted to Joint Apprenticeship Advisor, Near Banipark Police Station , Banipark , Jaipur-203006 (Raj.)

    5, By whom to register?-

                It is to be registered by concerned Apprenticeship Advisor . In case of  Rajasthan it is by the Joint Apprenticeship Advisor, Near Banipark Police Station , Banipark , Jaipur-203006 (Raj.)

    6. By whom to terminate?-

                Termination of Apprenticeship contract can be done only by the Apprenticeship Advisor and in no case by employer.

7. What steps to follow?-

                              (a) Either party to the contract of Apprenticeship may make an application to concerned  Apprenticeship Advisor by sending a copy by post to the other party.

                      (b) After considering the contents of the application the concerned Apprenticeship Advisor shall ask for objections from other party.

                      (c) If from the content of the application as well as the objections filed by the other party  ,if any ,the Apprenticeship Advisor is satisfied that the parties or any one of them has failed to carry out the terms & conditions of the contract and termination is desired in the interest of  the parties or any one of them , he may   terminate the contract by order in writing.



The hours of work are as follows:-

(i)                   During First year 42 hrs./week including time spent on R.I. (If any)

(ii)                 During Second year 42 -45 hrs./week including time spent on R.I. (If any)

(iii)                During Third & subsequent years-same working hours as that of workmen in the trade in the Establishment.  







STIPEND At what Rate?-


A person who has completed One / two years of regular training in any of the affiliated trades by NCVT in ITI / ITC , He will be eligible to draw stipend as applicable for II / III year respectively.


Grant  of leave to apprentices:-

(1)           In establishments  where  proper  leave  rules  do not exist or the  total  leave  of  different  types  admissible to their workers is less than  thirty  seven  days in a year,  the apprentice shall be entitled to the following kinds of leave and  subject  to the conditions specified under each kind of  leave.

(a)           Casual leave:-

(i)            Casual leave shall be admissible for a maximum  period of twelve days in a year.

(ii)           Any holiday intervening  during  the  period of  casual leave shall not be counted for  the purpose  of  the  limit of twelve days.

(iii)          Casual leave not  utilized  during  any  year  shall stand lapsed at the end of the year.

(iv)          Casual  leave  shall  not  be  combined with medical leave. If casual leave is preceded or  followed  by  medical leave,  the  entire  leave  taken shall be treated either as medical or casual leave,  provided  that  it  shall  not  be allowed  to  exceed the maximum period prescribed in respect of medical or casual leave, as the case may be.

(v)           Except in case of extreme urgency  applications  for  such   leave   shall  be  made  to  the  appropriate authority and sanction obtained prior to availing of leave.


(b)           Medical leave.  


(i)            Medical leave up to fifteen days for  each  year  of training  may  be granted to the apprentice who is unable to attend duty owing to illness.  The  unused  leave  shall  be allowed to accumulate up to a maximum of forty days.

(ii)           Any holiday intervening during the period of medical leave shall be treated as medical leave and accounted for in the limits prescribed under clause(i) above.

(iii)          The employer may call upon the apprentice to produce  a  medical  certificate  from  a  registered medical  practitioner in support  of  his  medical  leave.  A Medical  certificate shall, however, be necessary if  the leave exceeds six days.

(iv)          It shall be  open  to  the  employer  to  arrange  a special  medical  examination  of  an  apprentice  if he has reason to believe that the apprentice is not really  ill  or the   illness  is  not  of  such  a  nature  as  to  prevent attendance. 


(v)         A female apprentice with one surviving child may be granted  maternity  leave  for  a period of 90 days from the date of its commencement without payment of stipend and  the  apprenticeship    training    period   shall   be   extended  accordingly.  The monthly  stipend  shall  be  paid  to  the apprentice during such extended period.


(c)           Extraordinary leave:-

(i)         Extraordinary leave up to a maximum of ten days or more in a year may be granted to the apprentice, after he has  exhausted  the  entire  casual  & medical leave, if the employer is satisfied with the genuineness of the grounds on which the leave is applied for.


(2)             In establishments where proper leave rules exist for workers, the  leave  to  apprentices  shall be granted by the employers in accordance with those rules.


Provided that in the case of trade apprentices grant of such leave shall be subject to the following conditions, namely:-

(a)           That every apprentice engaged in an establishment which works for five days in a week (with a total of  45 hours per week) shall put in a minimum attendance  of 200 days in a year out of which one sixth, namely 33 days shall be devoted to related instructions and 167 days to practical training.


(b)     That every apprentice engaged in an establishment  which works  for  51/2 days or six days in a week shall put in minimum attendance of 240 days in a year, out of  which  one sixth,   namely   40   days  shall  be  devoted  to  related instructions and 200 days to practical training.


Note:- As per the DGET order no. DGE&T-23(7)(3007)/2006-AP Dated 15-10-2007 It is not nececessary for NTC holders to undergo R.I. classes ,who signed the contract of Apprenticeship with employers on or after 1 st April 2007 Onwards. All India Trade Test for Apprentices possessing NTC will be conducted only for Trade Theory & Practical. There will be no test for Work Shop Calculation & science , Engineering Drawing under AITT.